Nurturing generations of young leaders for the sustainable development of Vietnam.






ABG Leadership Institute is a not-for-profit educational organization with the mission to connect and develop young leaders for the sustainable development of Vietnam.

Our Mission & Core Values

ABG Leadership Institute has 3 main areas of activity including Research, Training and Networking Events.

What We Do


ABG collaborated with Alphabooks and Omega+ to publish a leadership bookcase, as well as research on leaders and leadership themes.


With short-term and long-term training programs, ABG provides scholarships which develop comprehensively for students.


The series of Leader Talk events and leadership forums, conferences will be initiated and coordinated by ABG with partners.


Excellent students participate


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5-year Journey

During more than 5 years of operation and implementation of the ABG Young Leaders Program, nearly 200 young people have participated in training courses and made positive and comprehensive changes.

Our Programs & Projects


ABG Young Leaders Program for the past 5 years has created the opportunity to  grow for nearly 200 excellent young people.


ABG collaborates with partners to organize the Leader Talk event series held with distinguished guests and leaders.


ABG Leadership Camp is a short-term training program organized monthly or quarterly by ABG at Trại Muỗi, Ba Vì

Vietnam Young Leaders Summit

The Vietnam Young Leaders Summit is an annual event that ABG and its partners will organize with a scale of 500-1000 participants.


The Leader's bookcase is coordinated by ABG in collaboration with partners, translation and introduction to the public and young leaders.


The ABG Leadership Award is held annually recognizing outstanding leaders who have made a lot of contributions to the community.

The ABG Open Scholarship

After 5 years of implementation, the program has created opportunities for nearly 200 excellent students to have conditions for comprehensive training and maturity.

ABG Young Leaders Program

A special thing of the program is to attach great importance to the physical training of students. DETAILS HERE


A series of events to talk to guests are prestigious and influential leaders in Vietnam.

Mentors Network

With the mission of connecting and developing young leaders for the sustainable development of Vietnam, ABG receives the support of many dedicated advisers for the development of young generations.

Dr. Vũ Minh Khương

Associate Professor at Lee Kuan Yew school, Singapore

Mr. Nguyễn Trần Bạt

President of Consult Group

Dr. Nguyễn Sĩ Dũng

Former Vice President of Vietnam parliament office

Mr. Nguyễn Anh Tuấn

President, Founder of VietNamNet

Dr. Trần Đình Thiên

Former Director of Vietnam Economic Institute

Mrs. Hoàng Ngọc Bích

CEO of Crestcom Vietnam

Mr. Vũ Tú Thành


Mrs. Sandy Nguyễn

Former Director of Vietnam Education Foundation

Mr. Đậu Anh Tuấn

Head of Legal Department, VCCI

Mr. Lê Doãn Hợp

Former Minister of Information and Communications

Mrs. Phạm Chi Lan

Economist, a leading economic expert

Mr. Vũ Khoan

Former Deputy Prime Minister

Training Council

ABG's Training Council members are dedicated and prestigious individuals in society, who willing to contribute effort for the development of the young.

Dr. Võ Trí Thành

Economist, Prime Minister Advisor

Dr. Thanh is a former Deputy Director of the Central Institute for Economic Management and Research, a leading economic expert with many contributions to Vietnam.

Mrs. Bùi Kim Thùy

Advisory Board Member of Harvard - Asia Pacific

Mrs. Thuy is a former student at Kennedy School, Harvard and now she is also the Chair of Alumni Association of Lee Kuan Yew School and National University of Singapore.

Mrs. Nguyễn Thu Huệ

Founding President, Vietnet-ICT

Mrs. Hue is the founding president of Vietnet-ict and currently the Fellow of the Obama Foundation, a prominent leader and a contributor in the areas of sustainable development.

Dr. Đàm Quang Minh

Rector, Phú Xuân University  

Dr. Minh was also the Rector of FPT University and the youngest rector of Vietnam. He has been with and accompanying ABG since its establishment.

Dr. Nguyễn Trung Dũng

CEO BK Holdings

Dr. Dung is a member of the creative innovation start-up council (VMI) in charge of the North. He has directly consulted and successfully nurtured many technology and startup projects.

Mr. Nguyễn Cảnh Bình

President, ABG Leadership Institute 

Mr. Binh is the Chairman of Alpha Books, the largest private publishing corporation in Vietnam. He is a persistent person with great dedication to the development of society.

Co-founder WeFit
Lê Đức Bình
Co-founder YenHoa Dream
Nguyễn Tuấn Hải

Students share their comments after attending ABG programs

Student's Opinion

ABG is one of the most special training programs I have ever attended. You will have the opportunity to meet and learn from excellent mentors.

Talking with the great Vietnamese businessmen and intellectuals in the ABG program, I feel I have to be more responsible and work hard.

Founder NYDO
Nguyễn Dạ Ly
Certified NLP Coach
Ánh Hồng

ABG sows in you valuable seeds of leadership. You are inspired and realize what the necessary commitment and abandonment of true leaders ...

I think ABG is a "brave" and highly "resilient" program. The coordination team always listens and finds ways to improve the program

President of Student Association of Hanoi Medical University
Trần Hoàng Mai
ABG Open Program Director
Cao Xuân Nhật

Every semester I usually see as an "eagle hunting" campaign. The "baby eagles" come to ABG, train with the "adult eagles" and then fly everywhere.

ABG is a rare and high quality leadership training model in Vietnam, a convergence of national leading lecturers and mentors.

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ABG Leadership Institute appreciates the companionship and sponsorship with the mission to nurture generations of young leaders for Vietnam's sustainable development.

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ABG Leadership Institute is a not-for-profit educational organization with the mission to connect and develop young leaders for the sustainable development of Vietnam.